Raewyn Guerrero is The Gutsy Executive Coach, committed to helping you eliminate the guesswork around your stress, so that you can fine tune your biochemistry and become the CEO of not only your health, but your Life.  After years chasing symptoms in the Conventional Medicine World to address her own Anxiety and IBS, she discovered the evidence-based, systems biology framework of Functional Medicine and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  This approach revealed how the gut is connected to the brain, to hormones, to the skin – to pretty much all health.  She’s been featured in the Huffington Post, the CW Network, and on numerous podcasts discussing a Nutrition and Psychology approach for Sleep, Panic Attacks and Anti-Aging. By offering a personalised roadmap for how to eat, think, sleep and move through the insights gained from Functional Labs, she’s set to change the face of healthcare and create a Well World.