Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life

3-month personalised Functional Health coaching program for women who are ready to conquer their health issues and skyrocket their careers


*D.R.E.S.S. stands for Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplements

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You keep being told that your lab results are normal but…


You have strange symptoms like a swollen tongue, or watery eyes, that your doctor and specialist can’t explain


You seem to bloat and feel uncomfortable after eating, despite the diets you’ve tried or the supplements you’ve been taking…


Even though you’ve grown your awareness of health, and you’ve tried many treatments, medications and even alternative therapies,  you haven’t seen the results you hoped you would…


And deep down, you don’t feel like you’re getting any healthier … or happier…




Sound familiar?


You’re early on in your health journey or diagnosis and know you want to take a natural approach that will work with your body, not against it. But you need expert guidance to know what to do, why, when to do it, and how to know if it’s working. That’s where Heal Your Gut fits in. You’ll go from overwhelmed and confused to full of answers, and armed with the knowledge and tools you need to begin recovery in the time it takes a sprout to grow!


You’ve got a fulfilling life, eat a feel-good diet, are in recovery from a previous health setback, but you still get some concerning symptoms – bloating, gurgling after eating, mood swings, skin conditions, temporary lapses in memory, decreasing energy levels, and a libido that’s not-so-sexy. When you Heal Your Gut, we’ll take an end-to-end look at your health history and current health plan, zero in on the root cause of these symptoms, take a proactive approach to your long-term health, and fill you up with answers and a solid plan you’ll be bursting to implement.


This isn’t your first rodeo, but you’re not about to waste time on anything that won’t make a measurable difference for your health. You’ve tried some supplements and diets but really have no idea which one is best for your body. Get real answers by working with an experienced team of practitioners who can pinpoint what foods will help you thrive, a supplement plan that will fuel your body at the deepest level, and who will run the most advanced lab tests to find answers for you that no one else has looked for.


You’ve tried everything — supplements, diets, meditation, and have hired several practitioners, but no matter what you do, you seem to still have lingering symptoms and no practitioner has found the root cause or given you a complete plan of action. We’ll take a refreshing and comprehensive look at your entire health and what you’re doing, putting the pieces together, answering the unknowns, and moving you forward in a way that feels ohhhh-soooo good in your body and easy to manage.

Your program includes



Your days of having to figure it all out alone are over. With me at your side, for the next 6 months, guiding you weekly at each turn, you can't fail. You'll love the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing exactly how to nourish your body and your spirit. This is precision nutrition and mindset training!


To complement your 1:1 coaching, you have the option to also join any of my online trainings on Resilience and Sleep for free, as well as any other courses that I launch during your program. This is your opportunity to get really well acquainted with your body and how it works, through what I teach. You'll grow in confidence on what to feed your body, so that winning is a natural by-product of feeling so good!


60 dedicated minutes focused on your health every other week where we’ll delve into everything from your nutrition, sleeping habits, your sense of purpose and worth, dreams and aspirations. With 10x the time your GP will spend with you, imagine how much you'll learn, and what you'll take away from each session (hint: a definitive answer to why you've been feeling the way you're feeling, and a step-by-step plan on how to align you with your vision of where you want to be, and how you want to feel.


As a private coaching client, we'll order you your gut health tests. My team and I will guide you every step of the way, through the diagnostic phase to help you get to the root of your health concerns. Your results will inform a customised plan of action in line with your goals.


In addition to the four full hours with me each month, you also have messenger access to me (and my team!) via our online Portal and App. Imagine having experts in the palm of your hand, there for you, whenever you have a burning question, or you're just needing a little clarity on your supplements or your nutrition. That's what you're getting, and it's our promise to you.


You may already have seen a practitioner who gave you some supplements and a diet to follow, BUT you've found it difficult to follow. When we work together, my team and I develop a targeted plan of action aligned with YOUR life. We'll cover everything from nutrition to natural supplements to exercise/movement, to stress reduction and even purpose and direction.

Your journey begins here

Step 1. Video Consult

The first step begins with a Clarity and Strategy video consultation valued at $325.  Once you book, you’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire and readiness assessment. We discuss your personal health history, your current diet, rest, exercise and stress, your current environment and exposure to toxic elements.

Step 2. Order Your Labs

We recommend diagnostics which examine infections, overgrowth and imbalances to give you the best possible insight into your current state of health, and how best to move forward.

Step 3. Complete Your Online Intake and Download the App

We’ll take a detailed online intake via our Platform which doubles up as a desktop portal and smartphone app. This is crucial for us to get to know exactly where and when your symptoms may have originated.  It’s your personal health history, family medical history and even your emotional history, along with pivotal factors such as your current diet, rest, exercise, stress levels, your current environment, and exposure to toxic elements.

Step 4. Track your Diet, Rest, Exercise and Stress Management

Before we meet for your lab review, you should download the App onto your smartphone and begin tracking your Diet, Rest, Exercise, and Stress, for a minimum of 72 hours before. If you have a wearable like Fitbit or an Apple watch, this can easily sync with our App.  This process will give YOU – as well as us – great insight into what you’ve been doing, and where you might immediately begin to make improvements.

Step 5. Your Lab Review

When the results from the diagnostics return, you have your lab review appointment, to discuss the findings and create a customised diet, rest, exercise, stress management and supplement (DRESS) for Success plan to address both current, and future health concerns.

Step 6. 90 Day Personalised Plan

You will then work with our health coach twice a month, for 3 months, before a clinical review follow-up at the end of the 3 month period, to then look at re-testing and tweaking of your protocol.

Hello, Beautiful

Personal and Professional Goals

✨I’d love to help 10 million successful women invest in their health in the same way they invest in their careers, so that they are aligned, energized and unstoppable.


Personal Mantras

🏦Health is Wealth

💪Prevention is better than cure

⏰If you don’t make time for wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for illness

🥦 Food is medicine

I’m Raewyn Guerrero


I’ve lived and worked in London since 2001. In 2017, I founded Well Works, a virtual functional medicine practice which integrates Personalized Nutrition with CBT, Hypnosis and Meditation to bring about rapid transformation in the mental and physical health of individuals and organisations.

Prior to 2017, I spent 6 years as the Global Wellbeing Manager at a multi-national bank, developing group wellness programmes for those struggling with 21st Century chronic health conditions, such as stress, anxiety, depression, IBS, back and neck pain, and obesity.

In 2012, I introduced 6 week Mindful Awareness workshops to employees with the aim of reducing stress, and improving focus, clarity and creativity, and facilitated regular Balance at Barclays weekly drop-in meditation sessions. This was a huge achievement as meditation at that time was very much taboo. I was a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Mindfulness in the Workplace from 2015 – 2016 tasked with making stress reduction and anxiety a priority for Government Policy and Public Health.

I also struggled with these things before I found Functional Medicine! I’d tried Acupuncture, Reiki, cleanses, even became vegetarian and saw all manner of medical and alternative health practitioners. But nothing really shifted until I started following a science-backed framework that identified my stressors, repaired my gut and healed my anxiety, IBS and hormones HOLISTICALLY, by addressing my stress, my sleep, and my nutrition.


Now, I get to share that same process with others — and celebrate their life-changing results!


If you’re ready to radiate health and achieve YOUR hopes and dreams with grace and ease, I’m here for you!