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Your Journey Begins Here

Step 1. Video Consult

The first step begins with a short video consultation. Once you book, then you’ll receive a short questionnaire and readiness assessment. We discuss your personal health history, your current diet, rest, exercise and stress, your current environment and exposure to toxic elements.

Step 3. Complete Your Online Intake and Download the App

We’ll take a detailed online intake via our Platform which doubles up as a desktop portal and smartphone app. This is crucial for us to get to know exactly where and when your symptoms may have originated.  It’s your personal health history, family medical history and even your emotional history, along with pivotal factors such as your current diet, rest, exercise, stress levels, your current environment, and exposure to toxic elements.

Step 5. Your Lab Review

When the results from the diagnostics return, you have your lab review appointment, to discuss the findings and create a customised diet, rest, exercise, stress management and supplement (DRESS) for Success plan to address both current, and future health concerns.

Step 2. Order Your Labs

We recommend diagnostics which examine genetics, deficiencies, detoxification intolerances, hormonal imbalances, infections, and stress levels, to give you the best possible insight into your current state of health, and how best to move forward.

Step 4. Track your Diet, Rest, Exercise and Stress Management

Before we meet for your lab review, you should download the App onto your smartphone and begin tracking your Diet, Rest, Exercise, and Stress, for a minimum of 72 hours before. If you have a wearable like Fitbit or an Apple watch, this can easily sync with our App.  This process will give YOU – as well as us – great insight into what you’ve been doing, and where you might immediately begin to make improvements.

Step 6. 90 Day Personalised Plan

You will then work with our health coach twice a month, for at least three months, before a clinical review follow-up at the end of the three month period, to then look at creating a maintenance plan, which would likely involve monthly catch ups, and tweaking of your protocol.

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