MSc (Hons) Nutr.Med, AFMCP





Nutrition is my second career.  In my first career, advertising and brand communications, I experienced first-hand the effect on energy, mood, creativity and brain function of poor nutrition, insufficient sleep and lack of exercise and that has informed my work in this field.

After 12 years in advertising and marketing, I realised I was unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled. I went to see a wise old Ayurvedic doctor who changed my diet and gave me Ayurvedic medicine. I’d always loved food and cared about what I ate but this was something quite new; this was eating in a totally different way. Yep, I had to make changes and it was a challenge but it was an adventure and after a matter of days, I felt SO different. Clearer headed, the fog had lifted and I was hooked. From there it was clear, I was going to quit my job and retrain in nutrition. It was a plan that made no sense on paper but I didn’t care, I was following a passion.

In 2006, my father went out for his usual run, suffered a massive heart attack and never came back. He was 58 years old and by most standards, extremely healthy. He didn’t drink to excess, didn’t smoke, he ate porridge for breakfast and got more than his 5 a day. But the autopsy showed his arteries were very furred up, it was a time bomb waiting to go off.

Whilst personally devastating, the gift that it gave me was first-hand experience that there is no single healthy diet or lifestyle. We have to understand genetics and our family history to put each person’s needs in to context. This is what a functional medicine approach to nutrition or personalised nutrition is all about. My dad had no contact with his Argentinian side of the family, whom I later found out had lots of incidences of circulatory health issues.

I dove deeper and deeper into my subject.  I finished my BSc and took post-graduate courses in functional medicine with IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) and FMU (Functional Medicine University). There is ongoing tension between personalised nutrition and functional medicine approaches to the more conventional, mainstream advice. The arguments always involve having or not having an evidence-based approach. I realised if I wanted to master this subject, I needed to understand the conventional approach more deeply and so, I enrolled and completed the MSc in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey.

I also realised that an integrative approach was called for, nutrition wasn’t the only answer to people’s problems. While I love the satisfaction of client transformation through clinical one-to-one practice, I have always wanted to see the profession scale up to reach wider audiences. I created and edited Case Studies in Personalised Nutrition to contribute to the evidence base and establishment of best practice.



I am a BANT and CNHC registered nutritional therapist with 12 years of clinical experience, including 8 years with the award-winning Optimum Health Clinic. I have worked with over 1000 people, using a personalised approach to nutrition and health. I have taught at BSc level and trained other practitioners on the use of functional laboratory testing.

As a performance coach, I’ve worked with leadership teams to optimise and sustain cognitive function and resilience which impacts on their wider teams and peak performances. Through online programmes, I aim to inspire and support more individuals to transform and find a sustainable, personalised diet and lifestyle.


I crave a quieter life with animals and countryside. I now spend my time between Ibiza and the UK. Ibiza life for me revolves around my dog Maude and a polo pony called Juan.

When life is sweet, my food doesn’t need to be.