Hello, I’m Raewyn.  My mission is to empower you through insights gained from functional diagnostics, combined with what you eat, how you think, how you sleep and how you move.  I’m inspired to do this because of the health challenges I faced, and those that I was exposed to in my immediate family – anxiety, cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  I’ve seen first-hand how lifestyle and mindset can create either illness or health.
After 5 years at Barclays PLC leading Wellness between 2011-2016, I founded Well Works with a team of practitioners who share my vision of self-care as healthcare.  Unlike traditional practices, I created Well Works for YOUR convenience, and to bring healthcare into the 21st Century.   By using our online Portal and App Healthie for one to one sessions, online courses, workshops, online scheduling, billing and tracking, you never need to leave the comfort of your home or office in order to work with me and my team. 


Mental health, anti-aging and disease prevention are my primary focus.  The bi-directional relationship between the gut and the brain means that to understand and heal your stress, anxiety, and burn out, we need to focus on more than just drugs or psychotherapy.  You need to heal the body, because the body and brain work in concert with each other.


The end goal is that you gain deep insights into your biochemistry, which inform the personalised Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management and Supplements (DRESS) for Health Success plan that we create in order for you to feel better, more energised, more productive, and ultimately, live your potential.